Ammonite aptychi from the Lower Jurassic of Port Mulgrave near Whitby, U.K., are reported for the first time in association with ammonites of the Family Hildoceratidae, Subfamily Harpoceratinae. The aptychi are preserved in shale, varying in their completeness and exhibiting a range of sizes, but are identified as Cornaptychus sp. and cf. Lamellaptychus sp. Some Cornaptychus specimens are preserved with ammonites identified as Tiltoniceras antiquum. The aptychi, especially Cornaptychus, are comparable with aptychi associated with ammonites of the Harpoceratinae elsewhere, notably in the Posidonia Shale of Toarcian age in Germany. The ammonite aptychi were further analysed using an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) in order to determine their composition and assess whether this might have implications for their occurrence and preservation potential compared with that of the ammonite shells.

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