Fossil echinoderms derived from the Chalk occur rarely as clasts eroded from erratic rafts on the beaches of north Norfolk and are almost invariably represented by the holasteroid echinoid Echinocorys scutata (Leske). A small collection of other echinoderms from the Overstrand to Cromer coast includes the crinoid Austinocrinus bicoronatus (von Hagenow), and the echinoids Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) sp., phymosomatid sp. and Galerites sp. Most preserve at least some evidence of corrasion and/or bioerosion. The echinoids are preserved either as steinkerns or are otherwise protected by flint; the crinoid columnal had lost much of its surface detail due to corrasion. The known stratigraphic ranges of these species suggest that they are derived from the local part of the Norfolk Chalk, spanning the upper Campanian to lower Maastrichtian interval.

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