Ammonoids from the late Asbian (B2b Assemblage Biozone) Cracoean buildups or reefs of the Peak District (Derbyshire and Staffordshire, England) are revised. Utilizing new collections and additional museum material, enhanced descriptions and illustrations are possible. Details of conch morphology, growth characteristics, suture development and shell ornament are presented for species belonging to the genera Bollandites, Bollandoceras, Beyrichoceras, Goniatites, Sygambrites, Nomismoceras and Prolecanites. The new species Bollandites rileyi sp. nov., Bollandoceras fordi sp. nov., Bollandoceras crowdecotense sp. nov. and Sygambrites mundyi sp. nov. are described. A neotype is proposed for Bollandites castletonensis and a lectotype for Beyrichoceras delicatum.

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