The present work is a supplement to the catalogues published by Jackson (1952) and Nudds (1992a). It includes all specimens referred to or figured in publications or designated as types since 1990, up to the end of 2003 when the Manchester Museum Keeperships were terminated. It does, however, exclude those non-marine bivalves published by R.M.C. Eagar which form the basis of a separate catalogue (Nudds 1992b; 2004).

The present catalogue also includes type, figured and referred specimens published prior to 1990, but which were not previously recognized as such or which have only recently been acquired. It is inevitable when dealing with old collections that this catalogue will be similarly incomplete and the Museum would be grateful to receive references to material that has been omitted.

The following are included as explanatory notes:

(1) Specimens are listed by the latest name under which they have been described in publication, but are cross-referenced under all earlier names published for that specimen.

(2) Stratigraphical and locality information have been updated from the original label or catalogue entry wherever possible. For specimens from Great Britain, National Grid References, where known, are given in square brackets following the locality information.

(3) Some specimens included in the earlier catalogues (Jackson 1952; Nudds 1992a, b) have since been refigured or referred to again in subsequent publications. Only the new reference is given herein, but a cross-reference to the earlier catalogue entry is included.

(4) Manchester Museum Geology Department palaeontological specimens are registered in 5 series [‘L’ …

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