Fourteen stem-based crinoid taxa from the Devonian and Carboniferous of north Devon are described. Salairocrinus cf. kervenensis Le Menn, is from the Givetian Ilfracombe Beds at Combe Martin, and the remaining taxa occur in the Famennian–Tournaisian Pilton Beds (Baggy Point, Saunton Sands and Fremington Quay). Stenocrinus altus Sisova, Glyphidodrinus sp. and Taranshicrinus sp. are reported from the Famennian only. Gllbertsocrinus sp. A, Rlcebocrinus sp. and Urushlcrinus sp. are known from both the Famennian and Tournaisian. Cyclocaudex medius Głuchowski, Cyclocaudiculus varius Głuchowski, Cycloscapus sp., Floricyclus sp., Gilbertsocrinus cassiope Moore & Jeffords, Gilbertsocrinus sp. B. and Platycrinites? sp. only occur in the Tournaisian. The crinoid faunas of the Pilton Beds are similar to other European, North American and some Asian Famennian to Tournaisian echinoderm assemblages. This confirms their cosmopolitan character and also possible eastward migration along the south Laurussian shelf.

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