Platycrinitid camerate crinoids, with distinctive elliptical columnals and large dorsal cups are a characteristic feature of the Lower Carboniferous of the British Isles. Two new occurrences are reported here. Disarticulated basal circlets and low radials from the Brigantian of Coverdale, Yorkshire, have been reconstructed as a dorsal cup, identified as Platycrinites sp. Although both smooth and tuberculated plates are present, intermediate morphologies suggest that these represent one variable species. It is rare that pelmatozoan thecae or cups can be reconstructed from disarticulated elements. Platycrinites sp. is believed to be the first such reconstruction to be published from the Palaeozoic of the British Isles. The second new occurrence comprises cups of a platycrinitid species from Lathkill Dale in the Peak District, Derbyshire, preserved in a stile in a dry stone wall. This occurrence is notable as being one of the few reports of identifiable crinoid remains from the Lower Carboniferous of the Peak District since the 19th century.

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