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ISSN 1354-0793
EISSN 2041-496X
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Petroleum Geoscience April 27, 2017, Vol.23, 395-402. doi:10.1144/petgeo2016-073
Petroleum Geoscience March 09, 2017, Vol.23, 403-414. doi:10.1144/petgeo2016-017
Petroleum Geoscience March 24, 2017, Vol.23, 415-426. doi:10.1144/petgeo2016-059
Petroleum Geoscience April 05, 2017, Vol.23, 427-439. doi:10.1144/petgeo2015-067
Petroleum Geoscience April 27, 2017, Vol.23, 440-453. doi:10.1144/petgeo2015-062
Petroleum Geoscience February 20, 2017, Vol.23, 454-465. doi:10.1144/petgeo2016-146
Petroleum Geoscience March 24, 2017, Vol.23, 466-475. doi:10.1144/petgeo2016-064
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    The Chang 7-1 sandstone members of the Triassic Yanchang Group in the Longdong region of the SW Ordos Basin are typical ultra-low-permeability reservoirs which are studied in detail in Tan et al. (2017 Petroleum Geoscience, 23, 454–465). This SEM image taken from a core sample in the Chang 7-1 section illustrates grain coating and pore-throat blockage by iron, calcite and dolomite cementation, which reduces both porosity and permeability.

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