3D oil migration modelling of the Statfjord area of the Northern North Sea has led to increased understanding of the migration routes and definition of oil migration fairways. The majority of discovered fields in the Statfjord area lie on fault block ridges. Migration modelling demonstrates that they were filled by oil generated from the Viking Graben, East Shetland and Marulk basins, migrating stratigraphically downwards from the Upper Jurassic Draupne Formation source rock into the Middle Jurassic Brent Group sandstones. Thereafter, lateral migration in a fill–spill manner occurred along the axes of the ridges. Locally, petroleum also migrated laterally through both Upper and Lower Jurassic sandstones. The migration modelling has been combined with geochemical source rock and oil correlation resulting in increased confidence. For the first time we have been able to quantitatively model and visualize the complex petroleum system of the area and gain an insight into its development through geological time.

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