Modelling faults from seismic data for a 3D depth model is a difficult task because of the multiple sources of uncertainty. The uncertainty may be attributed to migration velocities, picking of faults and organization of the fault network in 3D. Faults are generally not migrated from time to depth domain like horizons are, but modelled in the depth domain from the depth migrated horizons. For this reason, a new data structure has been designed that is targeted for fault modelling. Taking uncertainties into account, this structure allows for rapid modelling of faults from depth migrated horizons. The input data and the parameterization of the new data structure will be described. Following this, a way to incorporate uncertainties during the interpretation process is proposed and a description of different stochastic methods used to compute new shapes and locations inside a given uncertainty volume will be made. Finally, the method and the results obtained will be described while studying uncertainties on more complex fault networks. The influence of fault uncertainties on the reservoir volumetric estimates will be shown as one possible result of the simulation process.

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