Triassic–Middle Eocene sedimentary sequences in the Central Taurids contain sufficient organic matter to constitute potential source rocks. Geochemical data are used to examine the amount, type and maturation of organic matter and the hydrocarbon potentials of the Triassic Tarasci Fm Limestone, the Late Jurassic–Early Cretaceous Akkuyu Fm limestones and shales and the Middle Eocene Gumusdamla Fm shales. During the extensive Senonian and Lutetian horizontal movements, sub-thrust units of these formations attained higher maturity values in the north (Seydisehir) than in the south (Akkuyu) of the study area. The TOC, S2, and HI values decrease with increasing thermal maturity (365–569°C). Therefore, the geochemical data indicate that the formations are gas and oil source rocks and may produce gas with some oil.

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