In this paper the results of a reservoir evaluation study of the Bahar Field, one of the most important oil and gas fields in the Azerbaijanian sector of the Caspian Sea are presented. The study has concentrated on the most important reservoir sections, Balakhany X and Pereriv Suite, encompassing (i) sedimentological and stratigraphic interpretation, (ii) petrophysical analysis, (iii) structural interpretation, (iv) assessment of hydrocarbon distribution, (v) geochemical characterization of the hydrocarbons, (vi) assessment of reservoir compartmentalization, (vii) establishment of static and dynamic reservoir models in digital format, as a basis for calculating in-place resources and assessing the potential for improved oil recovery. The study has provided new and detailed insight into the reservoir architecture and properties of the Bahar Field. In a broader context this detailed information and data analysis is believed to provide an improved basis for evaluating other tested and untested structures in this prolific hydrocarbon province.

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