The Predobrogean Depression contains a Precambrian to Triassic sequence many kilometres thick, overlain unconformably by Middle and Jurassic strata 2 km thick, which are capped by a thin Cretaceous-Neogene cover. The depression lies southwest of the East European Platform and northeast of the Hercynian-Kimmerian North Dobrogea orogen. No significant hydrocarbon finds have been made. Scattered wells show bituminous clays at Vendian and Devonian levels and bitumen or hydrocarbon shows occur in Devonian dolomites, Permian Greywackes, Triassic sandstones and Jurassic strata. Minor oil and gas finds have been made in Neogene reservoirs but the main prospectivity is assessed to be in the Palaeozoic formations. Seismic data quality must be improved to reveal the structure of the Palaeozoic section.

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