The Culzean Field, located in UK CNS Block 22/25a between the Lomond Deep and the Heron Cluster, was discovered in 2008 by the 22/25a-9Z well and subsequently appraised by wells 22/25a-10, 22/25a-10Z, 22/25a-10Y and 22/25a-11. The primary reservoir is the Triassic Skagerrak Formation, with a secondary reservoir in the Middle Jurassic Pentland Formation. Total recoverable reserves are estimated to be 250 – 300 MMBOE. One principal challenge concerning the Skagerrak reservoir in Culzean is the stratigraphy, and especially how it relates to adjacent wells in Quadrant 22. Historically, biostratigraphic age determinations of the Skagerrak Formation in Quadrant 22 have been unsuccessful, unlike in Quadrant 30 where biostratigraphic recovery is good and ages are well established. However, good recovery in the Culzean discovery well 22/25a-9Z enabled identification of the Jonathan Mudstone Member, the Joanne Sandstone Member, the Julius Mudstone Member, the Judy Sandstone Member and Marnock Mudstone. The Joanne Sandstone Member and the Jonathan Mudstone Member are therefore more widely distributed in Quadrant 22 than has been hitherto recognized. The Skagerrak Formation in Culzean also has a well-defined heavy mineral stratigraphy, enabling correlation into the adjacent Marnock, Skua, Egret and Heron fields. This correlation shows that the reservoir succession in Egret and Heron is largely equivalent to the Joanne Sandstone Member, whereas Marnock and Skua contain the Judy Sandstone Member overlain by truncated Joanne Sandstone Member and Julius Mudstone Member intervals.

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