Exceptionally well-preserved palynomorphs were recovered from a Turonian section cored in Tanzania. Here we provide an in-depth evaluation of the terrestrial palynomorph assemblages recovered, discuss their environmental affinity, and provide taxonomic descriptions for seventeen angiosperm species. Forms present include various species of Liliacidites, Tricolpites, Tricolporites, Tetracolpites, Syncolporites, Triporopollenites, Hexaporotricolpites, and Periporopollenites. In addition to these angiosperm species, the palynological assemblage is dominated by gymnosperm genera that include Classopollis, Ephedripites, and Exesipollenites. This assemblage and the rarity of humidity-dependent bryophytes and pteridophytes clearly support the hypothesis that the Turonian climate in Tanzania was warm and relatively dry.

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