Palyno-biostratigraphical studies of upper Albian-Lower Cenomanian successions from East Greenland, the south-western Barents Sea and south-eastern England have revealed new dinoflagellate cyst taxa of clear or questioned ovoidinioid affinities. This paper describes the new genus Sindridinium, four new species – Ovoidinium epelidosphaeroides sp. nov., Epelidosphaeridia manifesta sp. nov., Sindridinium borealis gen. et sp. nov. and Sindridinium anaanae gen. et sp. nov. – and proposes a new combination, Sindridinium? torulosa comb. nov. (formerly Canningia torulosa). The genus Epelidosphaeridia is emended based on features seen in E.manifesta sp. nov., which demonstrate peridiniacean affinities and support inclusion in the Ovoidinioideae. Morphological gradations between Epelidosphaeridia spinosa, E. manifesta sp. nov. and Ovoidinium epelidosphaeroides sp. nov., suggest close phylogenetic relationships, also postulated between Sindridinium? torulosa comb. nov., S. borealis gen. et sp. nov. and S. anaanae gen. et sp. nov. The stratigraphic ranges of the taxa described are calibrated to known dinoflagellate markers and mid-Cretaceous ammonites.

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