The pollen morphology of 54 species and one variety of seven genera in Polygonatae including Clintonia, Disporopsis, Disporum, Maianthemum, Polygonatum, Smilacina and Streptopus was observed and studied in detail; of these, nine species were reported for the first time. Our results showed that the surface ornamentation of pollen grains of the studied materials could be divided into seven types, namely gemmate, granulate-foveolate, perforate, reticulate, rugulate, rugulate-perforate and verrucate. In line with previous studies, we believe that (i) Smilacina ginfushanicum should be classified into the genus Heteropolygonatum rather than the genus Smilacina; (ii) Polygonatum should be divided into section Polygonatum and section Verticillata; (iii) Smilacina and Maianthemum should be combined as one genus, i.e. Maianthemum sensu lato; and (iv) Clintonia, Disporum and Streptopus should be separated from the tribe Polygonatae.

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