This paper deals with the pollen morphology of 118 non-arboreal taxa (80 herbs and 38 shrubs) of the South Andaman Islands, India. Pollen morphology was investigated through an acetolysis method and using a trinocular light microscope. Size, shape, symmetry, polarity, apertural pattern and ornamentation are described for every species. Among 118 taxa, only three have heteropolar pollen grains. Prolate shape is dominant and found in 17 taxa while oblate shape is found only in Macrosolen cochinchinensis. Among the 12 apertural patterns, tricolporate is dominant and found in 48 taxa, whereas hexacolpate pollen is present in Ocimum tenuiflorum. Of the nine ornamentation types recorded, psilate and reticulate types are common; Barleria prionitis and Datura metel are distinct with scabrate and striate ornamentation. These observations are of immense value in taxonomical, melissopalynological, aeropalynological and palaeopalynological studies.

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