The present investigation deals with a study of diversity in pollen features of 84 tree species of the Andaman Islands including 14 endemics (Alstonia kurzii, Brassaiopsis andamanica, Calophyllum soulattri, Canthium gracilipes, Dillenia andamanica, Knema andamanica, Macaranga andamanica, Maesa andamanica, Mangifera andamanica, Neonauclea calycina, Pemphis acidula, Planchonia andamanica, Semecarpus kurzii and Vitex diversifolia). Pollen grains of these species were acetolysed, and we recorded the pollen morphological characters using a trinocular research microscope with the aim of identifying the diversity of pollen in these species, viz. size, shape, symmetry, polarity, apertural pattern and ornamentation, and recorded the similarities and dissimilarities between the species of the same genus and also between different genera. This study provides palynological data of the tree species which will be of immense help in future taxonomic studies and will also be very useful for any work on pollen-based vegetation reconstruction, especially of endemic and threatened species.

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