Various authors have described and illustrated exceptionally large acritarchs from the Furongian (upper Cambrian) from different parts of the world. The different morphotypes clearly belong to the ‘diacromorph’ acritarchs, but have until now usually been attributed, tentatively or erroneously, to the genus Veryhachium. Based on new material from the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland) and the literature, the new genus Gigadiacrodium is erected to include these stratigraphically diagnostic and easily distinguishable morphotypes. The new genus includes the following species: Gigadiacrodium martinae (Pittau 1985) comb. nov., emend. nov. (type species) and Gigadiacrodium vidalii sp. nov. In addition, a new combination is proposed: ?Solisphaeridium mutabile Di Milia et al. 1989, comb. nov.

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