We present the first palynological study of the La Deheza Formation in Paganzo Basin, San Juan Province, Argentina. A total of 18 samples were studied and 116 palynomorph species were recorded. A multivariate statistical (R) analysis confirmed the occurrence of three associations. Assemblages 1 (240 m), 2 (230 m) and 3 (220 m) were referred to biozones already registered in the Paganzo Basin, i.e. Raistrickia densa–Convolutispora muriornata (DM), Pakhapites fususVittatina subsaccata (FS) and Lueckisporites–Weylandites (LW) biozones. These assemblages can be assigned a Pennsylvanian–Cisularian age based on previous stratigraphic records of the identified species.

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