Biostratigraphical investigations of Miocene deposits from the southern North Sea Basin, the Oligocene and Miocene of the Bahamas, and the lower Pliocene of northern Iceland revealed the presence of new acritarch species. Halodinium eirikssonii n. sp. is recovered from the lower Pliocene Serripes Zone of the Tjörnes beds in northern Iceland, where its range is well constrained through magnetostratigraphy and biostratigraphy using dinoflagellate cysts. Leiosphaeridia spongiosa n. sp. is recovered from lower to upper Miocene deposits of the southern North Sea Basin and from upper Oligocene and Miocene deposits of the Bahamas. Palaeostomocystis orbiculata n. sp. appears to be restricted to the middle Miocene of the North Sea Basin.

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