Fossil fungal spores, endemic Paratethyan dinoflagellate cysts, organic-walled algal cysts, spores and pollen are very common in the onshore and offshore Neogene sediments of the Black Sea, Turkey. Amongst these assemblages, the fungal spore form-genus MediaverrunitesNandi and Sinha 2007, emend. nov., described from Neogene strata from tropical to temperate paleoclimates, commonly occurs in Upper Miocene sediments. The presence of stratigraphically important dinoflagellate cyst and pollen taxa confirms the stratigraphic importance of this genus in the Upper Miocene of the Black Sea. Two new fungal spore species, Mediaverrunites batii sp. nov. and Mediaverrunites pontidiensis sp. nov., are described from Upper Miocene sediments of the Black Sea.

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