The miospore Retusotriletes loboziakii sp. nov. is described from rocks containing the problematic algae Protosalvinia spp. from two localities in eastern Kentucky, USA. Both sections are from the Upper Devonian (Famennian) Ohio Shale Formation. Single, dispersed specimens of Retusotriletes loboziakii sp. nov. are morphologically identical to spores within dispersed tetrads. Moreover the dispersed tetrads are identical to in situ tetrads within Protosalvinia thalli, and Retusotriletes loboziakii sp. nov. is therefore considered to be the dispersed miospore of Protosalvinia spp. Other taxa in the dispersed miospore assemblage suggest that the Protosalvinia-bearing samples investigated should be assigned to the Famennian VCo Miospore Biozone.

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