A single sample from the Springhill Group of well 2 at La Posesión in the Manantiales oilfield, southern Chile at 1752 m yielded a rich spore-pollen assemblage. The sample is from the base of approximately 32 m of medium- to coarse-grained sandstone with streaks of brown-gray clay and occasional carbonaceous streaks. Forty-nine species of pollen and spores in 36 genera are documented. On the basis of the occurrences of Aequitriradites plicatus, Appendicisporites jansonii, Contignisporites multimuratus, Cyclusphaera sp. A, Muricingulisporis annulatus, and Ornamentifera echinata, the age of the sample is considered to be Early Cretaceous (Hauterivian). The absence of marine palynomorphs indicates that the horizon sampled was deposited in a non-marine setting, close to araucarian and fern vegetation. The spore genus SphagnitesCookson 1953 is emended, and the species Sphagnum antiquasporitesWilson & Webster 1946 is transferred to Sphagnites.

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