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    COVER EXPLANATION.—The Bermuda platform on October 18, 2014, the day after the eye of Cat 3 Hurricane Gonzalo passed over. Lower left: High concentration of Poecilozonites (ZONA) shells in Admiral’s Cave. Lower left (insets): Images of living endemic P. bermudensis (our BERM), a paedomorph showing Gould’s "color flammulation." Thought to be extinct since the last century, the taxon was recently rediscovered in an alley in downtown Hamilton. Middle center: three typical sets of land snail shells from the broad last interglacial (MIS 5) sequence (lower ZONA; mid/upper PAED). Lower right: Type section of the Rocky Bay Fm that records multiple highstands of sea level that created dramatic environmental challenges for terrestrial life across Bermuda.

    Photo credits: top image, NASA; lower left and right, P. Hearty; living shell insets #31 (M. Outerbridge; lower left (G. Garcia, Chester Zoo, UK).

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