Since V.M. Goldschmidt’s pioneering work, chalcophile elements have been identified as showing the greatest affinity for sulfur. Goldschmidt (1954) attempted to chart the distribution of these elements between the silicate (lithophiles), metal (siderophiles) and sulfide (chalcophiles) portions of meteorites by using sulfidation curves of metal 2M + S2 ⇌ 2 MS. Using a similar approach, Arculus and Delano (1981) suggested the following decreasing order of chalcophilic behavior: Ga >Cu>Mo >Fe >Ni >W >Co >Sn >Pb >Ag >Pt >Ir >Os >Sb >Ge >Re. Clearly such classifications are not suitable for discussing mantle chalcophiles. Siderophile and chalcophile elements have intermediate electronegativities...

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