Reviews on the geochemistry, biochemistry, or microbial ecology of arsenic—and there are many—commonly start with statements about the toxicity of this metalloid (Newman et al. 1998; Rosen 2002; Smedley and Kinniburgh 2002; Oremland and Stolz 2003; Oremland et al. 2004, 2009; Silver and Phung 2005; Lloyd and Oremland 2006; Stolz et al. 2006, 2010; Bhattacharjee and Rosen 2007; Paez-Espino et al. 2009; Tsai et al. 2009; Slyemi and Bonnefoy 2012; Cavalca et al. 2013b; Kruger et al. 2013; van Lis et al. 2013...

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