X-ray analysis of polycrystalline powder samples has grown beyond its roots in the world of laboratory research and is regarded as one of the most powerful industrial process-control tools in the field of building materials and minerals. This is the key to characterize the element and the phase composition of the material.

This is largely due to the development of industrial X-ray analytical systems, which have transformed these advanced analytical techniques born in the laboratory into a robust, workmanlike and easy-to-use tool for today’s heavy industries. X-ray diffraction (phase analysis) opens enormous possibilities for process and quality control. Moreover, the recent development of ultra-high-speed X-ray detectors allows for “on the fly” quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis and truly interactive process control. Hydration of cements can be studied relative ease. Additionally Computed X-ray Tomography (CT) can yield valuable information in the study of mortars and concrete.

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