This chapter focuses on S in porphyry-type ore deposits, layered-mafic-intrusion-hosted ore bodies, and magmatic sulfide deposits. Porphyry-type ore deposits, e.g., Bingham Canyon, Utah, U.S.A. and Grasberg, Irian Jaya, are important hosts of Cu, Mo, Au, and Ag. Ore deposits hosted in layered mafic intrusions, e.g., the Bushveld and Stillwater complexes, contain significant quantities of Ni, Cu, Cr, Au and the platinum group elements (PGE: Pt, Pd, Rh, Re, Ir, Ru). Magmatic sulfide deposits, differentiated from layered mafic intrusions in that the former evince more clearly a role for immiscible sulfide accumulation without the possible presence of an aqueous fluid(s), e.g.,...

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