The inverse problem of unpolarized infrared spectroscopy of geological materials: Estimation from noisy random sampling of a quadratic form by Andrew Jackson, Robert L. Parker, Malcolm Sambridge, Catherine Constable, and Aaron S. Wolf (August, vol. 103, p. 1176–1184, 2018). Article DOI: Erratum DOI:

Recently, the authors discovered that Figure 1, Equation 6, and Equation 27 were improperly presented. Below are the correct Figure and equations.

Aunpol =12(Ab+Ac)sin2φcos2ψ+12(Aa+Ac)sin2φsin2ψ+12(Aa+Ab)cos2φ
F(Q0)={1-2π0π2a1+a2-2Q0+(a1-a2)cos2φa1+a2-2a3+(a1-a2)cos2φdφ;     Q0a22π0π22Q0-a2-a3+(a2-a3)cos2φ2a1-a2-a3+(a2-a3)cos2φdφ;   Q0>a2.
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