Incorporation mechanism of structurally bound gold in pyrite: Insights from an integrated chemical and atomic-scale microstructural study by Lei Meng, Sanyuan Zhu, Xiaochun Li, Wei Terry Chen, Haiyang Xian, Xinyu Gao, and Taiping Zhao (April, vol. 107, p. 603–613, 2022), Article DOI: Erratum DOI:

In two places Cabri et al. (2000) was an inappropriate citation. The sentences are below corrected:

“A sharp white line peak at 11868 eV is found in the curve of 44J-P5, which is a typical XANES curve of As in arsenian pyrite (Simon et al. 1999a).”

“…, low concentrations and heterogeneous distribution of Au in arsenian pyrite, and even controversial interpretations of the XAS results (Pokrovski et al. 2014; Filimonova et al. 2020).”

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