An experimental approach to examine fluid-melt interaction and mineralization in rare-metal pegmatites by A.G. McNeil, R.L. Linnen, R.L. Flemming, and M. Fayek (July, vol. 105, p. 1078–1087, 2020). Article DOI: Erratum DOI:

There was an error in the second sentence of the discussion section on page 1084. Stoichiometric proportions of Nb and Mn for the log of a columbite-(Mn) solubility product of –4.75 mol2/kg2 as extrapolated from our data was incorrectly stated as approximately 1100 ppm Nb and 300 ppm Mn. These values of 1100 ppm and 300 ppm in fact represent the concentration of the oxides, Nb2O5 and MnO, respectively. The correct elemental concentrations of Nb and Mn are 770 ppm Nb and 230 ppm Mn.

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