Monipite (IMA 2007-033), MoNiP, is a new phosphide mineral that occurs as one 1 × 2 μm crystal in a Type B1 Ca-Al-rich inclusion (CAI) ACM-2 from the Allende CV3 carbonaceous chondrite. It has an empirical formula of (Mo0.84Fe0.06Co0.04Rh0.03)(Ni0.89Ru0.09)P, and a P6̄ 2m Fe2P type structure with a = 5.861, c = 3.704 Å, V = 110.19 Å3, and Z = 3. The calculated density using our measured composition is 8.27 g/cm3, making monipite the densest known mineral phosphide. Monipite probably either crystallized from an immiscible P-rich melt that had exsolved from an Fe-Ni-enriched alloy melt that formed during melting of the host CAI or it exsolved from a solidified alloy. Most of the original phosphide in the type occurrence was later altered to apatite and Mo-oxides, leaving only a small residual grain. Monipite occurs within an opaque assemblage included in melilite that contains kamiokite (Fe2Mo3O8), tugarinovite (MoO2), and a Nb-rich oxide [(Nb,V,Fe)O2], none of which has previously been reported in meteorites, together with apatite, awaruite (Ni2Fe), and vanadian magnetite.

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