This New Mineral Names has two entries: galuskinite and gunterite, and one unnamed mineral.

B. Lazic, T. Armbruster, V.B. Savelyeva, A.E. Zadov, N.N. Pertsev, and P. Dzierżanowski (2011) Galuskinite, Ca7(SiO4)3 (CO3), a new skarn mineral from the Birkhin gabbro massif, Eastern Siberia, Russia. Mineral. Mag., 75(5), 2631–2648.

Galuskinite (IMA 2010-057), ideally Ca7(SiO4)3(CO3) is a new mineral belonging to the CaO-SiO2-CO3 system. A synthetic analogue of galuskinite has neither been found in the process of cement production nor produced experimentally. It is found...

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