This New Mineral Names has entries from several different journals about anorpiment, cossaite, fassinaite, lammerite-β, lileyite, megawite, perrierite-(La) and various unnamed minerals.

A.R. Kampf, R.T. Downs, R.M. Housley, R.A. Jenkins, and J. Hyršl (2011) Anorpiment, As2S3, the triclinic dimorph of orpiment. Mineralogical Magazine, 75(6), 2857–2867.

Anorpiment, ideally As2S3, is the triclinic dimorph of orpiment. It occurs at the Palomo mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru. The Palomo mine belongs metallogenetically to the Huachocolpa ore district. The rocks in the area of the mine are exclusively volcanic, comprising andesitic lavas, pyroclastic rocks, tuffs,...

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