This New Mineral Names has entries about aklimaite, davinciite, menzerite, schüllerite, vladimirivanovite, and volaschioite from journals around the world.

A.E. Zadov, I.V. Pekov, N.V. Zubkova, V.M. Gazeev, N.V. Chukanov, V.O. Yapaskurt, P.M. Kartashov, E.V. Galuskin, I.O. Galuskina, N.N. Pertzev, A.G. Gurbanov, and D.Yu. Pushcharovsky (2012) Aklimaite, Ca4[Si2O5(OH)2](OH)4·5H2O, a new natural hydrosilicate from Lakargi area (the North Caucazus, Russia). Zap. Ross. Mineral. Obshch., 141(2), 21–31 (in Russian, English abstract).

N.V. Zubkova, I.V. Pekov, D.Yu Pushcharovsky, A.E. Zadov, and N.V. Chukanov (2012) The crystal structure of aklimaite, Ca4[Si...

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