In this New Mineral Names, we present alexandrovite, arsenohopeite, åskagenite-(Nd), bassoite, beaverite-Zn, carlosbarbosaite, cryptophyllite, cuprokalininite, davidlloydite, florencite-(Sm), natrotitanite, and shlykovite from journals around the world.

L.A. Pautov, A.A. Agakhanov, V. Yu. Karpenko, and F.G. Gafurov (2010) Aleksandrovite KLi3Ca7Sn2[Si6O18]2F2—a new tin mineral. Novye dannye o mineralakh, 45, 5–16 (in Russian). New data on minerals, 45, 5–16 (in English).

A new member of proposed baratovite group, aleksandrovite (the tin analogue of baratovite) was discovered at the Darai-Pioz glacier, at the junction of Turkestan, Zeravshan, and Alay Mt. Ranges...

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