The following new minerals are discussed in this issue: långbanshyttanite, pseudolyonsite, and yangzhumingite. These new minerals have been described in the European Journal of Mineralogy and are reported here.

N.V. Chukanov, I.V. Pekov, E. Jonsson, N.V. Zubkova, Y.E. Filinchuk, D.I. Belakovskiy, and D.Yu. Pushcharovsky (2011) Långbanshyttanite, a new low-temperature arsenate mineral with a novel structure from Långban, Sweden. Eur. J. Mineral, 23, 675–681.

The new mineral långbanshyttanite was discovered in a specimen from the Långban mine Filipstad district, Värmland County, Bergslagen ore province, Sweden. The carbonate-hosted Långban deposit (59.86°N, 14.27°E) is, together with related occurrences in the western part of...

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