The high-temperature heat capacity of fayalite was reinvestigated using drop and differential scanning calorimetry. The resulting data together with drop calorimetry data taken from the literature were analyzed yielding CP J/(mol·K) = −584.388 + 129 440·T−1 − 3.84956·107·T−2 + 4.10143·109·T−3 + 98.4368·ln(T). This new CP polynomial is recommended for calculating phase equilibria involving fayalite at mantle conditions. Using thermal expansion coefficient and isothermal bulk modulus data from the literature, the isochoric heat capacity was calculated resulting in CV J/(mol·K) = − 217.137 + 63 023.1·T−1 − 2.15863·107·T−2 + 2.23513·109·T−3 + 51.7620·ln(T).

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