In this issue, there are barioferrite, depmeierite, and oxyphlogopite, three new minerals from Zapiski Rossiiskogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva, and klajite from the European Journal of Mineralogy. In addition, we list all of the new minerals from American Mineralogist in 2011 as a deposit1 item.


M.N. Murashko, N.V. Chukanov, A.A. Mukhanova, E. Vapnik, S.N. Britvin, S.V. Krivovichev, Yu.S. Polekhovsky, and Yu.D. Ivakin (2010) Barioferrite BaFe+312O19 a new magnetoplumbite-group mineral from Hatrurim Formation, Israel. Zap. Ross. Mineral. Obshch., 139(3), 22–30 (in Russian, English abstract). Geol. Ore Deposits, 53(7), 558 (2011; in English).

Barioferrite BaFe+312...

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