F. Demartin, C.M. Gramaccioli, and I. Campostrini (2010) Adranosite, (NH4)4NaAl2(SO4)4Cl(OH)2, a new ammonium sulfate chloride from La Fossa crater, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy. Can. Mineral., 48, 315–321.

Adranosite was discovered in a medium-temperature fumarole (250 °C) in a pyroclastic breccia in the La Fossa crater, Vulcano. Aeolian Islands, Sicily, Italy. It is associated with aiolosite, alunite, anhydrite, bismuthinite, sassolite, dimicheleite-(Br), dimicheleite-(Cl), and another new mineral (IMA 2009-049).

Adranosite occurs as aggregates of acicular crystals up to 300 μm in length. The crystals are white to colorless. They have...

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