A.M. Callegari, M. Boiocchi, F. Bellatreccia, E. Caprilli, O. Medenbach, and A. Cavallo (2011) Capranicaite, (K,□)(Ca,Na)Al4B4Si2O18: a new inosilicate from Capranica, Italy, with a peculiar topology of the periodic single chain [Si2O6]. Mineral. Mag., 75, 33–43.

Capranicaite forms as clear, vitreous crystals of up to 0.1 mm in size inside miarolitic cavities in a feldspathoid-bearing syenite block from the Vico volcanic complex in Capranicaite, Viterbo Province, Italy. It is found associated with K-feldspars, plagioclase, andradite, hornblende, biotite, magnetite, sodalite-haüyne series mineral, titanite, apatite, zircon, and a B-Be-Si phase....

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