D. Wiedenmann, A.N. Zaitsev, S.N. Britvin, S.V. Krivovichev, and J. Keller (2009) Alumoåkermanite, (Ca,Na)2(Al,Mg,Fe2+)(Si2O7), a new mineral from the active carbonatite-nephelinite-phonolite volcano Oldoinyo Lengai, northern Tanzania. Mineral. Mag., 73, 373–384.

Alumoåkermanite is a new member of the melilite group from the Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, northern Tanzania. The new mineral was found in several samples from the volcano and surrounding area. It occurs in evolved, olivine-free melilite-nephelinitic ashes and lapilli-tuffs from the 1966/67 and pre-1966 eruptions along with nepheline, aegirine-augite, and microcrysts of matrix-minerals including nepheline, aegirine-augite, combeite, spinel-group minerals, wollastonite, melanite, titanite,...

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