Elbrusite-(Zr) Ca3(U6+Zr)(Fe3+2Fe2+)O12, a new uranian garnet (Ia<ovl>3</ovl>d, a ≈ 12.55 Å, V ≈ 1977 Å3, Z = 8), within the complex solid solution elbrusite-kimzeyite-toturite Ca3(U,Zr,Sn,Ti,Sb,Sc,Nb...)2(Fe,Al,Si,Ti)3O12 was discovered in spurrite zones in skarn xenoliths of the Upper Chegem caldera. The empirical formula of holotype elbrusite-(Zr) with 25.14 wt% UO3 is (Ca3.040Th0.018Y0.001) ∑3.059(U6+0.658Zr1.040Sn0.230 Hf0.009Mg0.004) ∑1.941 (Fe3+1.575Fe2+0.559Al0.539 Ti4+0.199Si0.099Sn0.025V5+0.004) ∑3O12. Associated minerals are spurrite, rondorfite, wadalite, kimzeyite, perovskite, lakargiite, ellestadite-(OH), hillebrandite, afwillite, hydrocalumite, ettringite group minerals, and hydrogrossular. Elbrusite-(Zr) forms grains up to 10–15 μm in size with dominant {110} and minor {211} forms. It often occurs as zones and spots within Fe3+-dominant kimzeyite crystals up to 20–30 μm in size. The mineral is dark-brown to black with a brown streak. The density calculated on the basis of the empirical formula is 4.801 g/cm3 The following broad bands are observed in the Raman spectra of elbrusite-(Zr): 730, 478, 273, 222, and 135 cm−1. Elbrusite-(Zr) is radioactive and nearly completely metamict. The calculated cumulative dose (α-decay events/mg) of the studied garnets varies from 2.50 × 1014 [is equivalent to 0.04 displacement per atom (dpa)] for uranian kimzeyite (3.36 wt% UO3), up to 2.05 × 1015 (0.40 dpa) for elbrusite-(Zr) with 27.09 wt% UO3.

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