G. Raade, J.D. Grice, and M.A. Cooper (2009) Alflarsenite, a new beryllium-silicate zeolite from a syenitic pegmatite in the Larvik plutonic complex, Oslo Region, Norway. Eur. J. Mineral., 21, 893–900.

Alflarsenite is a new beryllium-silicate zeolite with chemical composition close to NaCa2Be3Si4O13(OH)• 2H2O. It is a late-stage hydrothermal mineral from a syenitic pegmatite in the Tuften larvikite quarry, Tvedalen, Larvik, Vestfold, south Norway. The syenitic pegmatites occur within the Larvik plutonic complex, which occupies more than 1000 km2 in the southern Oslo Region. Closely associated minerals are calcite, analcime,...

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