M.A. Galliski, M.A. Cooper, M.F. Márquez-Zavalía, and F.C. Hawthorne (2010) Alfredstelznerite: a new species of calcium borate hydrate from the Santa Rosa Mine, Salta, northwestern Argentina. Can. Mineral., 48, 123–128.

M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, M.A. Galliski, and M.F. Márquez-Zavalía (2010) The crystal structure of alfredstelznerite, Ca4 (H2O)4 [B4O4(OH)6]4 (H2O)15, a complex hydroxy-hydrated calcium borate mineral. Can. Mineral., 48, 129–138.

Alfredstelznerite occurs as white radial aggregates up to 5 mm long and 30 μm wide in fractured mudstones at the Santa Rosa Mine, Sijes, Salta province,...

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