The new mineral françoisite-(Ce), (Ce,Nd,Ca)[(UO2)3O(OH)(PO4)2]·6H2O is the Ce-analog of françoisite-(Nd). It has been discovered simultaneously at the La Creusaz uranium deposit near Les Marécottes in Valais, Switzerland, and at the Number 2 uranium Workings, Radium Ridge near Mt. Painter, Arkaroola area, Northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia. Françoisite-(Ce) is a uranyl-bearing supergene mineral that results from the alteration under oxidative conditions of REE- and U4+-bearing hypogene minerals: allanite-(Ce), monazite-(Ce), ±uraninite at Les Marécottes; monazite-(Ce), ishikawaite-samarskite, and an unknown primary U-mineral at Radium Ridge. The REE composition of françoisite-(Ce) results from a short aqueous transport of REE leached out of primary minerals [most likely monazite-(Ce) at Radium Ridge and allanite-(Ce) at La Creusaz], with fractionation among REE resulting mainly from aqueous transport, with only limited Ce loss due to oxidation to Ce4+ during transport.

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