W.H. Parr, M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, E. Moffat, M.E. Gunther, A.C. Roberts, and P.J. Dunn (2009) Braithwaiteite, NaCu5(TiSb)O2(AsO4)4[AsO3(OH)]2(H2O)8, a new mineral species from Laurani, Bolivia, Can. Mineral., 47, 947–953.

F.C. Hawthorne, M.A. Cooper, and W.H. Parr (2008) The crystal structure of braithwaiteite. J. Coord. Chem., 61, 15–29.

Braithwaiteite was discovered as several small crystals in a sample of silicified volcanic rock from Laurani in the Bolivian Ag-Sn belt. The exact origin of the sample could not be verified but it is strongly likely that...

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