M.A. Yudovskaya, N.V. Trubkin, E.V. Koporulina, D.I. Belakovsky, A.V. Mokhov, M.V. Kuznetsova, and T.I. Golovanova (2007) Abramovite, Pb2SnInBiS7, a new mineral species from fumaroles of the Kudryavy Volcano, Kurile Islands, Russia. Zap. Ross. Mineral. Obshch., 136(5), 37–43 (in Russian, English abstract); (2008) Geol. Ore Dep., 50, 551–555 (in English).

The new species abramovite was found in open cavities and fractures in fumarolic crusts of the Kupol fumarole field, atop the andesite dome of the Kudryavy stratovolcano, on the northernmost part of Iturup Isle in the southern Kurile Islands. The mineral, a product of high-temperature (600–620 °C)...

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