I.S. Buick, E.S. Grew, T. Armbruster, O. Medenbach, M.G. Yates, G.E. Bebout, and G.L. Clarke (2008) Boromullite, Al9BSi2O19, a new mineral from granulite-facies metapelites, Mount Stafford, central Australia: a natural analogue of a synthetic “boron-mullite”. Eur. J. Mineral., 20, 935–950.

The type locality of boromullite, Mount Stafford, is situated about 170 km northwest of Alice Springs, central Australia (22°01′S, 132°40′E). The Mount Stafford area comprises Proterozoic metasedimentary and metagranitic rocks of the Arunta Region. Boromullite formed during anatexis of B-rich pelitic rocks under granulite facies conditions (810 °C ≈ T ≥ 775–785 °C, P...

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